Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ETA California

     As I was sitting down to post this, it started to lightning here.  I went outside to look at the rain and saw quarter sized HAIL falling!  In southern California?!  I think we are having soup for dinner! 
     I just got back from Irvine and the Education of the Textile Arts in California show (it is also held in Dallas each year).  If you are going to be sewing for yoourself, this is a wonderful resource for sewing and fitting patterns for women.  Several of the teachers have pattern lines (Peggy Sager, Cynthia Guffey, etc.) and they are bery knowledgable about fit.  I also had a chance to teach smocking and hopefully we have some converts!
    As soon as I get them downloaded, I will post some of the pattern samples.

In themeantime, I will post a pleateing lesson this weekend.  From now until Christmas, I will be going over some basic smocking stitches and then in January, I will give lessons on a smocked basic yoke dress.
Have fun and keep stitching!

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