Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sewing for Baby............

     I know I love to see pictures of mothers sewing for their babies and children.  I also like pictures of children sewing with their mothers!  museums can be a treasure trove!  When I visit a museum, I am always looking for 'stitching' pictures.  Whether they are painted, sketched, or photographs, it really reminds me of what is important:  spending time with our children and our parents, putting our heart into creating things for our family, and most importantly, putting love into the daily chores that we do for our loved ones. 
     A friend of mine knows that I like handwork, so she sent me some pictures that I am sharing with you.  They all depict Mary at different times in her life, but all have to do with sewing or weaving.  I will include the artist information that was sent along with the pictures.

The Young Virgin, ca. 1632-33, Francisco de Zurbarán

This is Saint Anne and the young Virgin Mary sewing,
fresco by the Master of the Bambino Vispo, Museo dell'Opera di Santa Croce

"I have represented the future Mother of Our Lord as occupied in embroidering a lily,-always under the direction of St. Anne; the flower she is copying being held by two little angels." Dante Gabriel Rosetti, mid 1800's

                                   Mary In the House Of Elizabeth   (1917)
                 Robert Anning Bell (sewing baby clothes for John the Baptist)

The Virgin at the Spinning Wheel
Hungarian (unknown artist)

Mary Spinning with  Joseph before the Birth of Jesus, 
Strasbourg, Musee de Notre-Dame I'Oeuvre, inv 1482

     After seeing these pictures, it reiminded me of one of my favorite pictures that I took when I was in Madeira several years ago.  We were invited by the agent to visit and she had invited her embroideresses to her home to stitch with us. 
One of the ladies brought her young daughter (about 5 or 6) and she sat (literally) at her mother's knee and stitched.

One of the ladies brought her young daughter (about 5 or 6) and she sat (literally) at her mother's knee and stitched.You can see here that it is not just her mother that she is sewing with.

I will try to dig up some more Madeira pictures to share with you.  I have been twice and have wonderful memories!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bitty Bites......................a Sweet Seventeen!

     Yum Yum!  Emma (number 4 and the only one left at home) had a birthday in January, but no time to celebrate.  She had finals and then flew to Boston to visit Annie at BU (big excitement there - they scored tickets to the big Bostoun U v Boston College hockey game and Emma was hit in the top of her head by a hockery puck and had 3 staples, which were removed this week!).  She planned her birthday party for today - cupcakes!  She baked about 250 mini cupcakes and invited her friends over to decorate. 

 We went through 10 pounds of powdered sugar, 6 pounds of butter, a pound of cream cheese and almost a quart of whipping cream. 

 M&Ms, crushed oreos and peanut butter cups, a rainbow of colored sugar, and sprinkles galore were all ready to decorate.  I think we made 20 decorating bags of frosting - Wilton would be proud! 

 Each girl got a take-out box to take her creations home in.  They were very creative.  It was nice to listen to them sit and chat as they worked.  No boy drama, no mean girl activities, just a nice, relaxing afternoon to spend with their friends.  I am thankful for times like these!

After the carnage!

Wish you all could have been here! 
Happy Stitching,