Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is my name?

     Let me introduce you to my Size 3 dress form!  I use her to create my new patterns.  Right now I am working on Couture Classic Yoke, which is a basic yoke dress that has a gathered sleeve with a cuff, a puffed sleeve whith a bias band, a Peter Pan collar, and scalloped collar, and a square collar.  You can see her here as I try on the fit muslin (2 different sleeves, 2 different collars).  I was in Santa Barbara this weekend with my guild for our sewing weekend and we decided that she needs a name!  Please post your suggestions - I will write them all down and put them in a box and pick a new name on December 20 - winner will get a bundle of 10 skeins of coton a broder!  I can't wait to name her!